What our clients are saying...

Rock Star Realty!! At first I wondered what the hell kind of name Rock Star Realty was - was the owner once a Rock fan trying to relive his youth? Trying to keep an open mind, I decided to work with them. You see my house had been up for sale for years, and I was expecting the same song and dance. But to my shock Ruben Furtado (of The Furtado Group working at Rock Star) only brought clients that where serious about buying. Within 8 days Ruben brought through a client who purchased my property. Sold!! Wow, I didn't know what to do! I didn't expect a sale so soon. I turned to Mary Da Rosa of this group and said "ok where do I go now"? Her response was "don't worry I'll help you find a place. We don't stop working for you until you are happy."
True to her word, poor Mary went out with me everyday for 3 months. I say poor Mary because every property that we looked at was not good enough. If Mary wasn't available, Austin Furtado went in her place. There was never a delay in getting out to see new listings. Now I know why they are called ROCK STAR REALTY! They are solid as a Rock in that they work for you until you are happy, and are truly Stars at what they do, because they work hard.

Mary noticed we were having difficulty making a decision so she created a chart to help us analyze our choices - I was so surprised that she took the time to do that. It really helped in making our decision.
In closing, if you need your house sold in a timely manner, and you want to deal with professionals, who honestly care about you and are willing to put in the time, then ROCK STAR REALTY is for you. Incredible people. Thank you Ruben, Mary and Austin. 😀😀
Bridget Reid - Hamilton, ON
Austin Furtado of Rock Star Real Estate/ Ruben Furtado Group has been nothing less than an absolute “Rock Star” to work with! Austin went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways for us, far too many to list, to make certain that we found the new home of our dreams and that our current home sold for as much as it possibly could in this rapidly moving, competitive market. Before we even began the process both Austin and Ruben came to our home and spent over 2 hours educating us with their years of experience, providing me with a sense of confidence in their ability that never wavered once. Austin listened to what our needs were for a new home, and our wish list was rather specific, it was not an easy task. He spent time getting to know our family which I so appreciated and heard what meant the most to us in finding a new home that would work for our changing lifestyle. He not only met our needs as adults but also the needs of our teenage son which was so very important to us. Any time I had an interest in a property Austin booked us a showing as soon as possible and provided his expert, but never persuasive, opinion on what we were seeing. His knowledge of real estate and this market is phenomenal, and his true passion of what he does is so evident. He provided us with sound advice, suggestions, options and I put my trust completely in Austin’s hands. He was incredibly patient with my millions of questions and it honestly felt that he wanted to find what was best for our family, no matter what it took and in today’s world working with someone who is so genuine and dedicated is not an easy thing to find. When we did find our dream home sadly we were met with a selling agent that was the exact opposite of Austin. I was astounded with the selling agent’s poor performance however Austin continued to be motivated and diligent and strive ahead to get us our home no matter the cost to him. I absolutely know that other agents would have swayed us away from the property due to the selling agent, however Austin’s first priority was and continued to be finding the perfect home for our family which he did, bringing me to many tears of appreciation and joy! One of my greatest fears in selling was how to present our home as this is not a forte of mine in any way. Austin went through our home room by room and made changes to each and every one of them to focus on its true potential for interested buyers. He worked determinedly and tirelessly and nothing was ever too much trouble, he did in every way whatever it took. We sold quickly, professionally and happily. This has been the most positive real estate I have ever had without a doubt, and would recommend Austin and Ruben Furtado in a heartbeat to my family, friends and to anyone who is looking for a professional who puts your needs far ahead of their own.
Julia Stomphorst - Oakville, ON
It has been a pleasure to work with Ruben Furtado and his experienced team to sell our house in Oakville. From day one, we felt we were in good hands. Ruben has shown himself to be motivated, diligent, trustworthy, and helpful in every way. He was made for this job! Austin and Rochelle have perfectly facilitated the entire process and we are grateful for their efforts. Of all the houses we’ve sold, this house felt the easiest and it was because of this excellent team. We whole-heartedly recommend the Ruben Furtado Group to anyone looking to sell a house.
Stacy & Joakim Walstam - Oakville, ON
Austin Furtado of Rock Star Real Estate/Ruben Furtado Group has been a sincere pleasure to work with! We received notice that our rental home was going to be demolished, and we had some pretty big challenges with finding our next home. I was becoming very frustrated with going online myself and trying to figure out which house could work for our unique living situation. I met Austin at one of the houses I was viewing, and he was extremely polite and very helpful. Of the 20 or so realtors I had come across, he was the only person who made me feel like I was important, and that finding us a home was his top priority. Austin took the time to send me a list of houses every other day, and also sent me his thoughts about each house, pertaining to what we needed vs. what the house had to offer. No matter how many houses I wanted to see, Austin made sure I got to see them as quickly as possible, and never made me feel like I was a nuisance. Whenever I sent a list of houses that I found myself, he would immediately book a showing and research them to make sure they would be an appropriate option for us. I really appreciated the fact that he took the time to get to know our family and our situation, and really wanted to find us the right fit. We happened to find our home while Austin was in California. Even from another country and in a different time zone, Austin facilitated all of our paperwork, and documents in securing our lease. It was a really quick and easy process, and Austin made sure to update and direct us through the entire process. I have worked in Customer Service for over 15 years, and I truly feel like it’s a lost art in today’s society. Austin blew me away with his positive attitude, his helpfulness and his customer service was exceptional. Thank you Austin so much for all that you have done for us, and I will absolutely reach out to you when it comes time to buy my first house in the next few years. I will also be sure to recommend you to anyone else looking for their next home. Thank you again for all that you have done for us.
Sabrina Latanville - Oakville, ON
We have worked with a number of different agents over the past 7 years, none have come close to Ruben and his Rockstar team. Honesty, loyalty and professionalism are just the tip of what Ruben and his Rockstar team provide. Great experience on the sale/purchase of our property!
Ashley & Chris Volpe - Oakville, ON
My husband and I could not have asked for better representation from agents Ruben Furtado and Austin Furtado from Rock Star Real Estate. Their extensive knowledge of today’s real estate market gave us the complete confidence that this father and son dynamic team effort would sell our home for top dollar in today’s market. The professionalism and honesty that these 2 men provide got our family home SOLD after being on the market for less than a day! Needless to say, we also have Rock Star agents Ruben and Austin to thank for the purchase of our dream home…thank you both for everything you have done to make this process as stress-free as possible. My husband and I will highly recommend their services for years to come.
Lucy Greco & Cody Calleya - Burlington, ON
I have known Ruben professionally for many years and have done multiple sales and purchases with him. Without exception I have been very pleased with the results that he has achieved. He was very attentive to my needs and my goals. He kept me informed AND up-to-date with any changes and activity on my properties It was through his knowledge of the market as well as the know how, on how to stage each property to its maximum potential that made the difference. I have recommended him and his team of professionals to several of my friends with great success and I will continue to do so.
Juri Kadai - Oakville, ON
This was my first experience purchasing a house. I had worked with a previous realtor before Austin Furtado, and in comparison, the other agent was very passive. Once I told Austin what I was looking for and why, he wouldn't allow me to waste any time with sub-par houses. Austin is very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. The Furtado group and Rockstar in general is known for finding people the right investment property, so it was an easy decision to go with them. In the future I intend on using the services of the Furtado Group again, and providing their information to friends and family in search of investments and their dream homes alike.
Jeff Ricardo - Kitchener, ON
Our recent experience with the Furtado Group was outstanding. As first time home buyers we were extremely nervous putting our savings and future into buying a home but from the very beginning we felt extremely comfortable and safe in the hands of Ruben and Austin. They are knowledgable and professional individuals but more importantly they have your best interest in mind. In this hot housing market we entered into countless bidding wars but were never pushed to make any decision which we were not comfortable with or which didn't make sense for the market. What most surprised us about working with the Furtado Group was that no matter how many other deals or sales they may have had on the go, we always felt like a priority. There wasn't an open house they didn't take us to. We were lucky to work with such great realtors and I have will continue to recommend them to everyone in my life! Can't wait to work together again! Thanks guys.
Liz Camastro - Burlington, ON
Working with Ruben was a fantastic experience. Ruben does his homework, so when it comes to selling your home he has a good knowledge of what buyers are looking for and therefore can provide great suggestions on what needs to be done to get you top dollar for your home. Ruben's diligence in understanding the dynamics of the market is probably one of the best, if not the best that I have experienced, which gives you the upper hand in any negotiation. If I'm looking to do a large scale renovation and need ideas or if I'm looking to get top dollar for my home, Ruben would be the first person I reach out to.
Chris Hook - Oakville, ON
We live in a world of information overload, hyper connectivity, social constant exposure – All of that makes it extremely difficult to select what is right or wrong, or who is saying truth or just expressing their own opinion, who is and expert or just a lurker that shares someone else thoughts. This difficulty is multiplied few folds especially when it concern big decisions like buying or selling a house. I am sure many folks today concerned if they are working with the right realtor to get this major decisions? In my case I feel that I found an island, solid ground that one may call safe place – I found realtors like Ruben Furtado and Mary DaRosa of Rockstar Brokerage. I always can count on getting genuine opinion, based on true research and experience, on top it the worlds are always backed up with true commitment to my interest as a client and smooth execution of agreed plans. Ruben, Mary I want to take a moment and Thank You for superb job done this year! I am truly looking forward to work with you guys in the future.
David & Rebecca Chernitzky - Oakville, ON
"Ruben is very a knowledgeable realtor when it comes to a home, how it’s made and all of its features. In our opinion, Ruben is far more knowledgeable than most realtors we know. Ruben was also able to answer most questions on the spot, or he would find us the answer very quickly."..."knowledge is important and the ability to explain high levels of detail in a somewhat simplistic way is a big advantage the Ruben Furtado Group had."
Michael Dutra & Erin McManus - Burlington, ON
I was most pleased with Ruben and his entire team for pulling out all the stops. We were forced to sell in a "down" market, and that worried us. However, between staging, marketing and negotiating, Ruben never missed a beat and made our home look like it belonged in a magazine! I almost didn't want to sell it after Ruben was done! The fact that Ruben came in from day 1 with a detailed selling strategy. None of the other agents put the time that Ruben did in communicating HOW he planned to sell our home. Other agents came in expecting us to just trust them and not expect a plan. We were referred to Ruben by trusted friends of ours. He did not let us down and in fact showed us just how passionate he is in this industry. I would no doubt recommend Ruben and his Team to anyone looking for a full-service agent and who is looking to get absolute top dollar for their home, regardless of market conditions.
Adam Kostanowicz - Burlington, ON
Our expectations were not only met but exceeded when it came to working with Ruben and Andrea. We were thoroughly impressed with the level of expertise on current market values, best practices we could put into place for selling our home and what to anticipate as part of the selling process. We met with over 6 real estate agents before deciding to proceed with him and his team and it was an instant feeling. Ruben was friendly, knowledgable and really made an emphasis on building a relationship with his clients which we appreciated. I also loved that Ruben and Andrew were adaptable to our schedule and lifestyle. The process of confirming showings or keeping in touch with the agents was efficient and concise - something we've always dreaded in the past. We loved that Ruben and his team not only live in the area but he has personally lived in, built and sold over 29 times. So often real estate agents make assumptions or speak in general terms but we felt that we were chatting not only with an expert but with a friend who has significant experience as being a home owner and and as an agent. This was unmatched factor we couldn't find elsewhere. I also personally appreciated Ruben's interest in marketing. From social media to SEO and more, he truly understands how buyers are seeking out information on potential properties these days and creates a custom marketing plan for each listing. Ruben and Andrea felt more like trusted friends than agents. From making useful recommendations to preparing our house to be listed to a pricing strategy or how to navigate the offer process, we never once doubted that they had our best interests in mind. I also thought a true testament to their integrity was the raving reviews they received from other local real estate agents who were not part of the same brokerage. Of course! We were selling a very difficult property that had a lot of factors working against it and friends/family/coworkers were all blown away to hear that the property sold with a full ask offer in 2 days - something that was not common on our street. They certainly attributed this success to the agents, their pricing strategy and marketing approach.
Krystin & Adam - Oakville, ON
Who would have thought that one day while waiting for my daughter to get off work I was walking our dog in the local neighborhood and saw a house for sale. I took a screen shot of the broker information and contacted them and within a day I had a visit scheduled for the house, and that’s where our story begins. We went to the house and met Mary DaRosa who assisting the listing agent, Ruben Furtado who was away. She spent time showing the house to us and although wasn’t the right house for us, Mary and Ruben did find us the right house within a day! And although the home wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, both Mary and Ruben showed us how this home is filled with potential and with some renovations, it would become our forever home. Not only did Mary and Ruben help us purchase our new home, they also helped us sell our home. They went WELL above and beyond what was needed through the entire process and were always a phone call or text message away…And there were a lot of phone calls/text messages ! And although they could just be done with us as we have moved out and in full on reno mode, Mary and Ruben are still there for us – advising, guiding and providing us with a multitude of contractors!! They even came to visit our new home to see the progress and they really stand behind building relationships and not just looking for the sale. Mary & Ruben, are more than just real estate agents; they truly are in the business for the relationship they nurture with their clients and for that we will 100% recommend them to anyone!! THANK YOU MARY & RUBEN!
Shirley & Armand - Oakville, ON